Vineyard Revisions4

Living at the right speed ruthlessly eliminates hurry from your life. Dallas Willard

People laugh when we tell them that Vineyard at Home is a slow church. But over time, many of those who stick around with us eventually find that there is a reason we are part of what some are calling “the slow church movement.”

You see, our society is moving at an ever-increasing speed of fast.¬†“If you want to hang on, you better speed up.” is the message of today. And as a result, many in our world find themselves stressed to the max, with calendars filled to the brim. When was the last time, for example, someone told you they were not very busy?

It could be useful, however, to remind ourselves that our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated. The need to belong. The need for nearness and care, and for a little love. This is given only through slowness in human relations. In order to master changes in our ever-changing world, we have to recover slowness, reflection and togetherness. There we will find real renewal.

When it comes to explaining Vineyard at Home, we find it best to simply invite you to come and see for yourself.

While each one of our house church gatherings will have a unique personality and character of its own, each meeting will contain activities that model our 3-C approach to simple & sustainable discipleship. Our goal is to slow down our lives so that we can better keep up with Jesus!

letter-communion with God: worship, solitude & silence, slow reading & listening of God’s word, meditation & reflection on Jesus, and waiting on the Holy Spirit!

letter-community with others: inter-active scripture study, story-telling, object lessons, sharing a meal, & fun, recreational activities!

letter-commission into our world: opportunities to share what God is doing in our lives, neighborhood activities, outreaches & more!

Meeting on Sunday mornings in homes across the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor. Come visit us!

Vineyard Revisions4cropped-iowa-landscape-john-chehak.jpg

(thanks to Cedar Rapids artist John Chehak for allowing us to use his beautiful artwork Iowa Landscape on our webpage)

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